Panama Press Quotes

What the travel experts are saying about Panama:

“In Panama, a slim-waisted tropical nation about the same size as South Carolina, you can find sweeping rain forests teeming with exotic animals and birds, cloud forests cloaking the summits of rugged mountains, and vibrant indigenous cultures that predate the conquistadores. A cornucopia of wildlife wonders side by side with fortresses and sleepy colonial villages, Panama is a country just awakening to its vast potential.”         

- National Geographic Traveler

“A secret the rest of the traveling world has yet to discover.”         

- Lonely Planet’s Central America

“Panama is far too attractive to be kept a secret for long”         

- Frommer’s Panama

“Long heralded as the Next Costa Rica, Panama is actually more culturally diverse.”         

- Forbes Traveler

“The new Florida: Panama’s quality health care, low costs, and proximity to the states are attracting American professionals as a retirement haven.”         

- Business Week

“Panama makes itself over as its lenient tax structure and strong economy attract investors and entrepreneurs.”         

- Forbes

“Panama is the new Central American bargain where the US dollar- the market currency- goes a long way.”

- Conde Nast  Traveler

“Little wonder that Panama is increasingly lighting up the radar screens of those searching for an affordable alternative to more traditional south-of-the-border retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, where escalating prices increasingly rival those along America’s own beach fronts…Yet despite the price increases, property here remains a fraction of what one would pay for similar real estate in the United States.”         

- New York Times

“… ultimately, the beauty of Panama City is that it hasn’t become Miami yet. It’s much more welcoming and manageable. And now is the time to go.”

- The Washington Post

“Those who missed the boat in Miami and found Costa Rica inadequate and too costly, set their sights on this sliver of a country… Many expat retired people have also been enticed into investing in property here because of Panama’s easy access to both oceans, abundance of flora and fauna, by a favourable climate – which conveniently lies south of the hurricane belt – and most importantly the infrastructure… In short, Panama has a slice of everything and something for everyone.”         

- The Telegraph

“The Number One Retirement Destination in the Western Hemisphere”         

- Modern Maturity Magazine

“I have projects all over the world, and Panama is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, real estate market.”         

- Ivanka Trump

“The haven of the 21st Century.”         


“Panamanian real estate may very well be a safe place to shelter your wealth from today’s economic chaos.”         

- Jessica Ramesch, International Living

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