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The Best of Panama Real Estate: Isla Palenque

With pre-construction pricing being offered now, do not miss out on this Panama real estate opportunity.

On Isla Palenque in Panama’s pristine Gulf of Chiriqui, a new island residence community is taking shape — the Resort at Isla Palenque. Choose from the resort’s three different homes below, then contact us to learn more about the benefits of ownership on Isla Palenque.


Your personal refuge in the heart of a jungle playground

Casitas are sophisticated, one and two bedroom homes just moments from the hotel and steps from the ocean. Casita life gives you an immersed-in-nature lifestyle while still making it easy to take part in the fun and activity of this laid-back resort community. Having your own Casita will feel like having your a deluxe suite at your favorite exotic hotel always reserved for you.

    - One or two bedrooms

    - Oceanfront, grouped in twos (each sharing one wall with another Casita)

    - Closest to the hotel and seamlessly integrated with all its amenities and services

    - Two different floor plans to choose from

    - Estimated pre-construction pricing: from the high 200s

For Casita floorplans or more details, Contact Us.

Canopy Homes

Your childhood fantasy tree-house, designed with grown-up sophistication

Canopy Homes are a chic take on secluded jungle living. Perched in the jungle canopy, you’ll have a monkey’s-eye-view of life in the treetops and of the pristine ocean beyond. The forest floor stays virtually untouched because your home is suspended above it, and the land’s natural slope minimizes stairs. The Canopy Home allows you to relive the wonder-filled, carefree life you once had in your childhood tree-house.

- Two or three bedrooms; freestanding homes

- A secluded, “above the fray” feel

- No Canopy Home is more than a four-minute walk to a beach

- Two floor plans to choose from

- Estimated pre-construction pricing: from the high 300s

For Canopy Home floorplans or more details, Contact Us.

Villa Estates

Your private tropical estate; a magnificent legacy to be shared

The ease and romance of an old world plantation completely rearranged to embrace a deep relationship with nature: there has never been anything like our exceptional Villa Estates. Inhabiting private lots where the jungle meets the coast, each one is intimately connected to its unique setting and carefully placed to integrate trees and boulders, capture breezes and celebrate stunning ocean views, creating an unparalleled sense of immersion-in-nature. And no two Villa Estates are the same. Besides being individually sited by our architects, components can be added or exchanged to fit the needs of your family and your lifestyle.



- Freestanding, single family homes on private lots

- Oceanfront and beachfront available

- Three, four or five bedrooms, ranging from 3000sf to 5,400sf

- Each home customized to its site and your lifestyle.

- Estimated pre-construction pricing: from the high 600s to over one million dollars

For Villa Estate floorplans or more details, Contact Us.

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