Welcome to New Panama Real Estate, bringing you the newest information about buying Panama real estate and living in Panama.

Panama is emerging as one of the foremost travel destinations in the world, and vacation home buyers, real estate investors, and savvy travelers of all kinds are taking notice:

Vacation home buyers are trading in properties located in more crowded and expensive destinations for affordable, pristine Panama.

American and European expatriates are settling into Panama by the hundreds in order to take advantage of Panama’s lower cost of living and higher quality of life.

Retirees and pensioners from all over the world are moving to Panama to take advantage of the generous benefits of Panama’s pensionado program.

Vacationers of all kinds are avoiding more crime-ridden destinations by visiting Panama, whose crime rate is lower per capita than Mexico, Costa Rica and even the United States.

Adventure travelers know Panama offers the most diverse nature, culture and adventure opportunities, making for the most meaningful vacation experiences.

Global real estate investors love Panama’s steady economic growth, which hasn’t flagged in eleven years, and are investing enthusiastically in Panama vacation homes.

Nature travel experts world wide are calling Panama the ideal destination for its pristine tropical setting, unparalleled natural and cultural immersion, and bevy of wildlife – including endangered species like humpback whales and sea turtles.

Copious benefits aside, moving to any new country comes with its challenges. New Panama Real Estate combs through the clutter to bring you the crucial information you need to help you make your move. Browse our site to learn about Panama health care, residency, banking, lifestyle, and more!

While you’re here, please enjoy our featured Panama real estate offering and sponsor of this site, The Resort at Isla Palenque, a secluded and sustainable residence community opening in late 2012 with a unique boutique hotel, ingeniously designed residences, and sumptuous amenities on a pristine island in Panama’s Gulf of Chiriqui.

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